Weekend of exhibitions

Posted on November 7th, 2018

Come along and discover my work in a weekend exhibition is Sardent. This weekend is the first to be held by the ‘Artmano Assoication’ where you will find the products of artisans in the region and talk to the artist’s themselves to discover their ‘savoir-faire’.

I will be there all weekend with a selection of my work and you can you can ask me all the questions about how I make the jewellery, what inspires me, how long it takes and the inevitable; ‘how good are my eyes!’

Salon C.R.E.A n°1

samedi 10 et dimanche 11 novembre 2018 SALLE DES FÊTES Place de la Mairie – SARDENT – 23250 Horaires d’ouvertures – Samedi 13h30 à 18h30 – Dimanche 10h à 18h Renseignements : 06 45 56 43 16 http://artemano.association.free.fr

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