Chandelier Earring Collection

These earrings are all in the chandelier style for the romantics in us all. Made using either bead embroidery or are bead woven, both techniques result in an earring that is light and comfortable to wear. They are all unique pieces so if, like me, you love to be wearing something different then this jewellery is for you!

All the earring attachments, either studs or hooks, use 925 sterling silver so they are suitable for ladies with sensitive skin. An additional advantage of this is that silver will not tarnish and so will still look good to wear after many years of use.

As each pair of earrings are unique, prices can differ slightly according to the materials used and the complexity of design, but a guide price is around 30€ and the earrings come in a gift presentation box. If you see something you like and want to commission your own then please contact me to discuss your needs.