Spring Flower Garland Necklace

Posted on June 8th, 2017



A delicate beaded rope in chartreuse green and white. The necklace drapes beautifully around your neck. It decorated with spring flowers of for-get-me-knots, lily-of-the-valley and white apple blossom. The green leaves fall from the necklace as a fringe. This forms a ‘v’ shape at the centre.
The necklace closes a with a beaded toggle clasp. This makes it easy to fasten and very comfortable to wear. The necklace is 43cm (17″) long.
This handmade beaded flower necklace is a great statement piece. It is perfect for weddings and special occasions.
The central apple blossom flower is a beaded white flower with a centre of a beige glass pearl.
The necklace ribbon is a beaded rope in a netting pattern of tiny white and bright green.
The rope is further draped with blue turquoise 4 petaled for-get-me-knot flowers. This flower is symbolic of love. The tiny white lily-of-the-valley bell like flowers are also flowers of love. This would therefor make this necklace a really great gift for an anniversary, birthday or for a special occasion or for a bride or a member of a bridal party.