Dog-Rose Necklace

Posted on May 7th, 2014

Finally! I have been working on this necklace for nearly a year. I was inspired to make a necklace with blooms from a dog rose that was winding its way through a hedge in the grounds of my gite (see www.gitesdefrance; 23G1302). However it took me simply ages to get the roses right; either they were too big or the wrong shape. I would put the work away in frustration and wait a while before tackling the problem again. Eventually I made the flowers the way I wanted them, out of fabric interfacing, then took them apart and using brick stitch I was able to bead petals using each ‘fabric’ petal as templates and then I sewed the 5 petals together and voila! I am delighted with the result of this asymmetrical necklace and am working on the instructions for the kit which will be available to buy from the shop very soon!

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