Helen Clarence

I am a bead artist and embroiderer who grew up in the North East of England but is now living in Limousin, France. My interest in fabrics and embroidery was inevitable as home life as a child was surrounded by examples of needlework executed by my mother and grandmother. Interest in embroidery, beads and textile art expanded after completing a diploma in design and creative embroidery.

The jewellery and sculptures are created using two different techniques but both involve a needle and thread. The first technique is bead weaving. Here I weave small glass beads, as well as semi-precious stones, crystals or pearls into unique pieces of wearable art and objet d’art. There is no backing fabric, but by sewing each bead to the next, I create a new fabric made entirely of beads.

The second technique is bead embroidery. Here I sew patterns and designs into a piece of fabric to create the design. Often I also incorporate more traditional embroidery technique such as stumpwork or goldwork into the work and is a technique used to embellish my lampshades.

There are three collections of jewellery;

  • Floriana: inspired by nature, recreations of flowers and insects and landscapes into wearable works of art. A collection of jewellery suitable for weddings and for romantics.
  • Operetta: a jewellery collection for evenings and events, for balls, soirees and grand events or for something special to accessorize that little black dress.
  • Liberte: A contemporary collection for confident women who celebrate their individuality. This collection is very versatile and can be worn during the day or for evening occasions. Colours a vivid and the jewellery is sculptural and always a talking point.

All of the jewellery is designed and hand made by me in France, using the highest quality materials and  each piece is unique. If you see something you like then contact me to discuss owning a piece of wearable art, or to having something new designed just for you.

For more information on this or for information about a commission then please contact the artist.