Dog-Rose Necklace

Finally! I have been working on this necklace for nearly a year. I was inspired to make a necklace with blooms from a dog rose that was winding its way through a hedge in the grounds of my gite (see www.gitesdefrance; 23G1302). However it took me simply ages to get the roses right; either they were too big or the wrong shape. I would put the work away in frustration and wait a while before tackling the problem again. Eventually I made the flowers the way I wanted them, out of fabric interfacing, then took them apart and using brick stitch I was able to bead petals using each ‘fabric’ petal as templates and then I sewed the 5 petals together and voila! I am delighted with the result of this asymmetrical necklace and am working on the instructions for the kit which will be available to buy from the shop very soon!

Shop opening

I know its said that its a sign of age when time starts to slip through your fingers at an alarming rate and here we are in May with my last blog some embarrassing weeks ago. Well, I have given myself a hard slap on the wrist and a promise to be more vigilant with time and here I am with another blog. My excuse has been the hard work that went into finally being able to open my studio and shop in France. It is quite amazing how many – and how long – of  those fiddly little jobs there are to do. Things that you thought would only take five minutes and in fact they take two hours because you can’t find the sellotape /nails / hammer / paint brush – the one where the bristle actually stay attached to the brush handle as opposes to falling in the pot of paint. However I opened officially at the beginning of April in conjunction with the Metier d’Art and ‘Journees European’ 2014 and was so pleased to see a large number of visitors that weekend. My feature dog rose necklace was centre stage – see the next blog, as well as some other pieces that were newly finished.

The shop is filled with up-cycled furniture and beautifully embroidered table cloths (mostly inherited from my mother and grandmother). An old and very worn melamine drawer unit was glued and painted and then stenciled with paint though some doilies and looks so different that I was incredibly pleased – well, everyone likes a bargain and it cost me only a pack of paper doilies and the paint!

The shop is open Tuesday to Friday afternoons 2pm – 6pm throughout the year and Tuesday to Sunday in July and August. If you are in the Limousin in France then drop in for a look round, a demonstration or a try at beading or just for a coffee and a chat!